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Welcome to Bright as a Button.  We believe that access to technology is key to giving people with complex physical and learning disabilities the opportunity and skills to reach their full potential. As our name suggests we assume competence in all clients, this means everyone is on a journey of learning.

Bright as a Button is an expert in finding the best switch site and mounting solution to access the technology you want.  We are creative and imaginative with solutions finding an answer where others may not. We will support you to develop your switch skills to access your technology for play, learning, books, music and more.  

Whether you or your family are a techo wizard or a techno phobe, Bright as a Button can help you navigate the many options out there, with an independent eye and with your needs at the centre. 

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Bright as a Button Services

We work with you at home or online with your team to get the best results

We will assess your strengths and needs to maximise your switching power and give you independent advice on the technology options out there.  We can provide full detailed reports or short reports according to your needs. Don't  be 'technodazzled' be confident you are making informed decisions about the equipment you want to spend your money on.  Read below to learn about the range of services we provide. We’re open to bespoke services, so if you have something in mind that you don't see, we’d love to hear about it.

Get a head start: Early Years Switch Assessment

Bright as a Button believes early intervention is important for enabling little ones to keep up with their peers.  Early switch use is necessary to ensure these develop along with their play, learning and communication skills.  With play at the heart of this assessment we can help them get a head start and for you to feel confident navigating the world of assistive technology.

Switch Access and Mounting Assessment

This is a great start to setting you up to access the technology you want to use everyday.  We will ensure you can access your switch in all the different positions you use through your day.  We will support you to practice the skills you need to use your switch and support your team to feel confident setting it up and adjusting it as your needs change. We will help you explore the Apps and software out there to suit your individual goals.

Get your Switch ON: Switch Skills Development

Have you got your switch mounted, but need support on how to progress your switching skills? Having the kit and using it effectively are two different things.  Bright as a Button can review where you are, help you formulate your goals and support you to achieve them with single or regular switch sessions.

Dust off your kit: Review of current AAC system

Abandonment of devices is common for lots of reasons: lack of support, change of needs, ill health, growing up.  If you have an AAC system already in place and want to use it more or, it is in the cupboard and you want to switch it back on, Bright as a Button can review your needs and support you to get back on track, making sure its better than before!

Bespoke training

Bright as a Button offers bespoke training including topics:
What are access methods
Switch Skills Progression
Setting up switches with mounts on postural equipment 
How to use early AAC technology to support play, learning and communication
Understanding the key role AAC and AT has in a persons life and future potential
How to make AAC sustainable

Switch Access and Mounting Clinics

Bright as a Button can offer schools, day services, therapy services or other organisations the opportunity to assess multiple students for switch access and mounting solutions in one day (Max 6).   
A requirement of these clinics is that both main care giver and key therapist are present to ensure the whole team around the person are on the same page.

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Accessing our services online

Don't let COVID-19 get in the way of your progress

We can travel to you or provide online services to support COVID-19 national guidelines.  Let us get to know you and your family and we can reach you from our home to yours.

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