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The Team

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Samantha Hunnisett

Samantha a specialist occupational therapist with over twenty years experience in the NHS and Council working with people with disabilities. 

Samantha has worked in a dedicated alternative and augmentative communication service in Scotland for five years and in this sector has worked with early years (6 months plus) through to older adults where her role focused on Switch Access and Mounting, Early Years Switch Access and Early technology use.

Samantha has also worked for five years in paediatrics as a neurological  occupational therapist and understands a wide range of congenital (born with) and acquired conditions, how these impact on the child and their families life and all the members of the team involved essential for their care.  Here she specialised in assessment and treatment of neurological conditions with a focus on seating and posture, hand splints and skill development in an education and clinic setting.  

Samantha prides herself on asking silly questions, thinking up unusual activities to motivate and doing things a little differently.


Daniel Hunnisett

Daniel has a degree in cognitive science and currently teaches computing and programming in a special school and plays a crucial background role in supporting Bright as a Button with complex technology problems and advising on technology use in the classroom.

Daniel has exceptional skill set, true passion and out of the box thinking to be creative in finding the best solutions for our clients. 


You and your family

You and your family are central to our team, without you we have no idea what you like, don't like, how you move, how to get your message across, want you want to control, what you want to learn and what you want to talk about.  Every family is special and unique and understanding your journey, needs and goals is what supports us to be successful.



Carers are crucial to our team.  Along with family, carers spend the most time with out clients and understand best an individuals routine, likes and dislikes, responses and wishes.  Carers are there for good days and bad days and understand what motivates, cheers, supports and lifts an individual. Carers are essential to maintain and sustain any technology introduced in a persons everyday life.


Educators and Therapists

For an individual to progress their skills  teachers, NHS and private therapists are key people to ensure our work is sustainable in the long term.  We are keen for other practitioners to view us as an opportunity to fill the gaps in the incredible work they are already doing.

Woman Artist

Bright as a Button engages the whole team around the individual to ensure recommendations are practical, easy to set up and with clear options of how to progress to achieve the persons goals.  Consider our training packages to get your whole team up to date and on board for the best possible outcome.

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Seen what you like and can think of more people that might benefit from our services, consider our Switch Access Clinics where Bright as a Button can assess up to six individuals in one day.

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